Today I let the pumpkin and cinnamon meet to get a very high, almost imposing, moist and fragrant cake.
Probably in the memories and habits of every single grandmother there is a dessert that allows the recycling of stale bread: from north to south maybe the additions change, it softens more or less, but everyone has in common the desire not to throw the bread, which it's a sin.
Red onions that give way under the weight of sugar and thanks to the action of red wine and balsamic vinegar. Cinnamon, in my jam: it is a spice that has entered the Venetian cuisine and culture strongly, so much so that it has become an unpredictable ingredient in some dishes.
Time after time, dishes from other regions entered my kitchen becoming part of my cooking repertoire: Valentina's eggplant meatballs are one of them.
Apricots, almonds and rosemary: an aromatic trio that will make you ask for another slice of this cake.

You will start cooking this chicken in august, but I bet you will not abandon the aroma of this marinade even in autumn: I loved it, I hope you too.
Right now I can't wait for lunch to warm up a slice of aubergine savory cake made yesterday: how I liked it.
And at the first taste, at the first spoonful dug in disorder, it was not the taste of Zuppa Inglese that returned to my memory, but that of the puddings cake.
Pork rolls: a really pleasant and delicious discovery, with a bitter touch of mustard and the softness of ham and cheese that make you want the next bite.