Venetian Dishes

Stuffed vegetables

  • Portions: 4
  • Time: 45
  • Difficulty: bassa
  • Ingredients
• 2 long courgettes
• 2 aubergines
• Extra virgin olive oil
• salt, fresh ground black pepper
• 6 desalted capers
• 300 g fresh monkfish
• 3 anchovy fillets from the Cantabrian Sea Angelo Parodi
• A handful of parsley
• 1 grated untreated lemon peel
• Fresh oregano
• Some cherry tomatoes
Imagine when the sun sets in the summer evening: the temperatures tend to lower gradually and you want to be outdoors and breathe a little. For those lucky enough to have a small piece of land to be used as a vegetable garden this is the perfect time to collect the fruits: I remember as a child large doses of mosquito repellent, knees dirty with earth, short pants and aubergines picked too early, which caused the grandfather's scolding.

These vegetables are a mix of sea and land, delicate in flavor, strong in pleasing even the most difficult appetites.

This recipe is cooked with Angelo Parodi.
You can find it (in italian) at this link: write me for any help to translate.