My cooking roots, into the Venetian tradition.


"Magna e bevi che la vita xe un lampo"

Polpette with cannellini sauce

Soft and succulent, no one will notice they are vegetarian.

Daddy Dante's mashed potatoes

If I had to think of a dish that identifies my dad, that's mashed potatoes.

Baked eggplant pan

If you have received my summer newsletter with the recipe book on summer vegetables, you know that to talk to you about the aubergine, Valentina and I have chosen, by chance, two recipes without doses.

Stuffed Artichockes

Artichokes: the most hostile vegetable. But I defeated it and also stuffed it with a delicious meat filling.

Gratin cauliflower whit Asiago cheese

A very rich way to prepare a little loved vegetable such as cauliflower: with a delicious cheese crust, everything becomes more palatable.

Fried radicchio

Why not fry the radicchio?
How come I never thought of it before?

Fennel gratin

I want vegetable dishes right now: fennel are perfect, even much more with a soft and crunchy crust.

Aubergine Polpette

Time after time, dishes from other regions entered my kitchen becoming part of my cooking repertoire: Valentina's eggplant meatballs are one of them.

Breaded fennels

My grandmother fennel are breaded and is still one of the ways I prefer to eat them.

My family's Eggplant Parmigiana

The eggplant parmigiana is definitely my favorite dish: I can hardly refuse a second portion, it would only mean that the first was shamefully abundant.

Stuffed vegetables

These vegetables are a mix of sea and land, delicate in flavor, strong in pleasing even the most difficult appetites.

Baby courgettes with stuffed flowers

For me, I would have a bouquet of courgettes flowers just above the kitchen table, like tulips or roses, because I find them unique.

This time, however, I stuffed and baked them in the oven, which at least also enjoys the taste as well as the view.