About me

Latte&Grappa is a project about food and lifestyle in the Veneto region. It is a fair way to get to know the healthy cuisine and tradition with seasonal and fresh ingredients, but still up with the times which drag us more and more to dishes simple and fast to prepare.

I have written a blog for nearly seven years: it has been my first space where I have shared my experiments in the kitchen, not folllwing a particular order but following my instinct instead, but I have always wanted to talk about my cooking. After a little study and activity all this time long, I have felt the need to make things neat and find my niche, my own place in the world. And so far this means talking about my land, about what we eat and about our trsaditions, meaning our habits and ways to pass everything on. And a local family where the food has always played a main role completes the whole experience.

Why Latte&Grappa?

Because hot milk with a little grappa is the ancient Venetian remedy for sore throats, but also for life's troubles: a steaming cup in your hands is already a warm comfort itself and with a dash of alcohol it also relieves your thoughts.

Who is in here?

I am Lidia, I live in in a small village in the province of Vicenza, in the countryside and in the typical fog which surrounds people and houses in Veneto.  My husband is the essential technological part of this project, I also have two beautiful cats (well, like if there were ugly cats in the world! Of course there aren't!) and a small vegetable garden with my herbs I love to take care of. In 2021, June, our baby boy Dario joined our family. I have a full time job very methodic and to fulfill my creativity side I have found this hobby which turned to be a very demanding choice: I write for the love of it, I read almost as If I had a physical need to do it, I cook relentlessly. 

Taking you to my world is my goal, letting you taste and smell my kitchen involving you in the preparation of tasty seasonal recipes, suitable for all. I wish to put a smile on your face while tasting the food, I would like to know that you received some compliments from your friends thanks to one of my recipe.

I like people, almost all people. I like to pack and unpack, travelling far away or in my lovely region. I like the roast aroma spreading all over the house, noisy and crowded tables, the sound of rain, the crunchy crust of baked potatoes, the smell of the wet land and the long long cooking. I have an innate love for London, covered up in that grey so similar to my land in a perfect connection to this exciting city.

And now I'm here, lighting the flame and leaving my moka filled with coffee powder on it: take a sit, make yourself comfortable, let's have a chat and the rest will come by itself.