My cooking roots, into the Venetian tradition.

Pasta and rice

"Magna e bevi che la vita xe un lampo"

Tagliatelle with fresh peas, prosciutto crudo and burrata cheese

Use the fresh peas ones, in this time of the year they're full of taste, so herby, soft: there is all winter for frozen foods.

Lentil ragù and polenta

Today's proposal is a comforting warm and soft dish, which satisfies and amazes with its full flavor, texture and intensity.

Amarone risotto

Creamy, with a touch of acidity

Tagliatelle with artichokes and sausage

An easy way to enjoy a slightly difficult but delicious vegetable.

Green vegetables risotto

A risotto that screams "Springggggg"!

Red and black rice salad with seared salmon, spring vegetables, lemon peel

A rice salad different from the usual, with lots of fresh vegetables and spring colors.

My pumpkin risotto

On pumpkin risotto I'm annoying, I realize that. But it must be: I love it!

Spaghetti with tomato sauce

Why should you try my tomato spaghetti recipe?

Buckwheath Penne with asparagus

A rustic pasta dish, the freshness of asparagus, spring on the table.

Crepes with ricotta and fiolaro broccoli

A great way to use fiolaro broccoli, a delicious vegetable from Vicenza.

Spaghetti with broccoli sauce

I think broccoli give its best paired with anchovies and olives: as in this plate of spaghetti, which I repeat more and more often and it has entered right into my kitchen repertoire.
risotto ai funghi porcini

Dried porcini mushrooms risotto

For example, I prefer risotto with dried porcini rather than with the fresh ones. And what about you?

Potato and porcini gnocchi with pancetta and hazelnuts

Today I prepared the potato gnocchi perfuming them with wood scent, with the addition of dried porcini mushrooms in the dough.
To season them, crispy pancetta, sage, toasted hazelnuts and lots of Parmesan. What do you say about it?

Risi e bisi (Rice and Peas)

Risi e bisi is a slow risotto, slower than traditional risotto but thicker than a rice soup.

Potato and Ricotta cheese Gnocchi, with tomato sauce

Thursday gnocchi! Soft, inviting and so traditional: I put ricotta in the dough, have you ever tried it?
bigoi con l'arna

Bigoli fresh pasta with duck

This recipe I leave you is the Flora’s recipe, the true and traditional made in Venetian families: I thank her for giving it to me and now I give it to you so you can try it.

Pasticcio with Radicchio and Sausage

A rich first course, an expression of the Venetian winter at maximum power.

Spaghetti with tomato and octopus sauce

To me, pasta with fish is with red sauce. Even more if it's octopus pasta.

Pumpkin gnocchi with butter, sage and pine nuts

It impresses me how much the pumpkin is appreciated and how eagerly people expect its return in season: when I proposed to my friends to create a menu based on this vegetable they were really happy.

Aunt Luigina's fusilli with tomato and eggplants

A few days ago, I received a phone call from my aunt Luigina for updating. As we are both talkative, as we told each other the latest news, she prepared a lunch and described what she would bring to the table.

Tagliatelle with carrot leaves' pesto

In Veneto, who has a very productive vegetable garden, in spring and summer spreads its products to relatives and friends, and is a habit, a normal rooted way.
The beauty of receiving gifts of fruit or vegetables has a truly primordial meaning, of sustenance and closeness, of care

Fusilli with zucchini and zucchini blossoms, ham and mint

When zucchini are in season I use plenty of them and when my dad had the garden even more. I like very much zucchini in a pasta, as part of a fresh sauce: today a recipe that smells of summer and is prepared with very little effort.
Fresh pees and mints tagliatelle

Fresh peas, parmesan and mint tagliatelle

Spring comes at its best when you find sweet and tender peas on the greengrocer's stalls. And in Veneto, in addition to Risi and Bisi, even with tagliatelle they go great.

Tastasale Risotto

Rich and tasty, this rice fills your stomach and a spoon at the time makes you smile with your eyes shut.