My cooking roots, into the Venetian tradition.


"Magna e bevi che la vita xe un lampo"

My brownies

I have made these brownies numerous times, in all seasons: they are always delicious and mouth-watering, for every occasion.

Yogurt Panna Cotta

Your perfect summer dessert: fresh and light

My tiramisù

Today, to celebrate my birthday, I made myself a tiramisù

Giulia's apple cake, gluten and dairy free

Autumn is coming and we won't be caught unprepared: a good tea and this apple cake will be perfect to face it.

my Banana Bread

One thing always ripens too quickly: bananas.
But for this problem the solution is called Banana Bread.

the Risolatte (rice in milk)

The "old-fashioned" desserts, made of simple ingredients, such as rice and milk.Oh, how beautiful they are.

Upside down pineapple cake

So eighties, but so simply perfect.

"Bussolà" cake

“Let’s make a Bussolà”

When my grandmother thought about baking a cake, she certainly thought of bussolà.

Pumpkin Bundt

Today I let the pumpkin and cinnamon meet to get a very high, almost imposing, moist and fragrant cake.

Macafame cake

Probably in the memories and habits of every single grandmother there is a dessert that allows the recycling of stale bread: from north to south maybe the additions change, it softens more or less, but everyone has in common the desire not to throw the bread, which it's a sin.

Apricots, frangipane and rosemary Crostata

Apricots, almonds and rosemary: an aromatic trio that will make you ask for another slice of this cake.

The puddings cake

And at the first taste, at the first spoonful dug in disorder, it was not the taste of Zuppa Inglese that returned to my memory, but that of the puddings cake.

Cheesecake with real strawberries

The cheesecake, with the strawberries in compote and also fresh: I hope you will like it and will become one of your flagships in the kitchen.

Crumbled Crostata with Spicy orange marmalade

To remind me of winter during the summer a spicy touch is needed: orange marmalade with spices and a delicious tart.

Christmas Rollè

In this time of the year in the pastry shops there were the "Christmas trunks", with the little houses and the sugar pines to decoration: remembering those decorations, my Christmas cake is simply called Rollè and is so stuffed but very simple.
pomi cotti

Pomi cotti (baked apples)

An ancestor of the dessert to the spoon, an ancestral form of creamy and satisfying cake ... when I was young in the winter there was always a bowl in kitchen, covered with foil, which went down to level a few teaspoons at each passage of mine.

"Rebirth of Dolomites" cake

The "Rebirth of Dolomites" is the name of this delicious cake, fragrant with hazelnuts and honey, rich and light. And good also in its heart.

Lemon, almond and pears cake

I decided it was time to cook some recipes from my favorite cookbooks.
And this cake is the best start I could take.

Fried venetian cream

As a child I asked countless times to my mother and my grandmother to prepare the fried cream, but I haven't been satisfied even once.
Remembering the "no" received, I decided to prepare the fried cream on my own
Almond, ricotta and lemon cake with rosemary syrup

Almond, ricotta and lemon cake with rosemary syrup

If you like wet cakes too, you have to try this. A scent of vanilla and lemon that meet the amazing aroma of rosemary: it will become your favorite.

Strawberry and cream tart

When the season comes, I can't resist doing a strawberry binge despite the itching they give me. And well, first I eat them all and then I scratch myself. Today I want to share the recipe of my favorite tart and some secrets for a delicious match with cream.

Torta fregolotta

A cake you don't cut but smash. It is a perfect way to end your meal one piece at the time.