My cooking roots, into the Venetian tradition.


"Magna e bevi che la vita xe un lampo"

Veal liver with polenta

If veal liver impresses you, I will not be able to convince you, I already know: this is not my intention.
But if you want to give it a chance, this is the right recipe.

Chicken cutlets

I don't make them often, but when I'm there it's a party.

Nonna Ada's meatloaf

This meatloaf is special: the recipe is from grandma Ada, Matteo's grandmother, who prepares it for every useful occasion she invites us to lunch.

Savoy cabbage rolls

A nice single dish, substantial and surprising. Even those who don't like cabbage, like me, will appreciate it.

Chicken rolls

I must say that in this form of roll, the chicken immediately seemed more inviting, will it be because I accompanied it with sausage and bacon?

Mediterranean Chicken

Baked chicken, flavored, however, with the aromas between winter and spring.
A bit of olives, capers, leek and pungent lemon, for a comforting and delicious dish.

Red wine stew

Soft and juicy pieces of meat, cooked in red wine and served with polenta: one of my absolute favorite dishes.

Boiled meat and its broth

The broth: the simplest but most comforting preparation that exists, the one that awaits you after a day of work, which when you sip it slowly warms even your frozen feet.

Chiodini mushrooms Pork Scaloppine

Today there are Scaloppine on the menu, do you want to taste?
luganega e fasoi

Luganeghe e fasoi (sausages and beans)

Put the case of sausages, which are cheap, are tasty and immediately feast: a complete and satisfying dish, warm for autumn evenings, frugal at the right point and not very elegant, certainly, but very good.

Grilled chicken marinated in beer

You will start cooking this chicken in august, but I bet you will not abandon the aroma of this marinade even in autumn: I loved it, I hope you too.

Grilled pork rolls

Pork rolls: a really pleasant and delicious discovery, with a bitter touch of mustard and the softness of ham and cheese that make you want the next bite.

Crispy pork belly

The crispy rind, the very soft and juicy meat and the veins of fat that surround it: a pork belly so delicious, to bake at home without any problems.

Pork rollè with asparagus

A perfect roast for dinners with friends or family: it seems difficult to prepare but instead it will become one of your flagships.

Nonna Angelina's stewed chicken

I learned to use black olives in the kitchen too late and I just realized that ... they taste like oil. My lack was big, but now my chicken stew has that touch of Nonna Angelina that was missing.

Meatball with pomodoro sause

Unlike many people, autumn awakens me.
In the past summer months I saw the photos on the social medias...

Roasted chicken and potatoes

I would like to buy food at the market, wander through and be able to choose the goods on display: I cannot. But I feel lucky to have an empty freezer, because I could choose fresh food and because I still found time to cook it.

Pork roast with herbs

Yes, I have to confess that I have cooked for years dry and tough to chew meat. But now that I've found a way to keep roasts moist and soft, I think it's fair to share it with you.

Honey Mustard Brisket

A meat dish for who gets bored with the usual roasts.