I tell the excellences of my land, traditions and productions.

Stories of food

"Ghe xe de tuto, come alla fiera del Soco"

I liquori delle Sirene

Elisa, a girl from Vicenza who gave birth to an ambitious and special project for the love of herbs: a new collection of liqueurs that you'll love.

Without gluten, with sincerity: Sincerity and food.

I've known Roberta for quite a while now, since her world was certainly not smelling of butter and flour.
His passion for cooking has its roots a long time ago, because, as for many of us passionate, it was his favorite place, the one in which his grandmother used to prepare sbatutin, the hand-beaten egg, in a glass, with a dash of coffee secretly added.

Olde: Valeria's biscuits.

If I try to smell the air intensely, like cats do, I can smell Olde's perfume from my house.
I discovered the presence of this sweet and savoury biscuit workshop since I lived in Longare, a small town that still allows you to live in the quiet of the countryside with all the convenience of being close to the center of Vicenza.

San Martino and his sweet horse

The feast of San Martino: we celebrate compassion and remember the agricultural habits of our Veneto.

Pasticceria Filippi's Easter cakes

The secret of Filippi products is in the research, selection and care of the finest ingredients, in the name of authenticity.

An Hard Rock Venice

A few days before Christmas I had the pleasure of receiving an invitation for a day in Venice, made nice by a lunch a bit 'alternative for what is the Venetian habit.
Coffee Affogato

A coffee and an old-fashioned dessert

I am a coffee addict, I love the ritual of the hot cup taken by the barista and placed under the steaming jet, slow and aromatic that will help my day starting with the right tone.

La giardiniera di Morgan

The kingdom of vegetables: Morgan opens the doors of his lab and gets us to work.

The real baccalà alla vicentina

A visit to the "La trattoria di Palmerino", where Chef Chemello revelead us the secrets for a perfect baccalà.