Venetian Dishes
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Fried sage leaves

  • Portions: 3/4
  • Time: about 1 hr.
  • Difficulty: low
  • Ingredients
a cup of warm water
  • a cup of 00 flour
  • 3 g of dry brewer's yeast
  • large sage leaves 10/15
  • frying oil
  • salt in flakes
glutenfree version:

  • a cup of warm water
  • 2/3 cup of Schaer universal gluten free mix
  • 1/3 cup of corn flour
  • 3 g of dried brewer's yeast
  • large sage leaves 10/15
  • frying oil
  • salt in flakes 
This year with aromatic herbs we have not been very lucky.

At the beginning of the season we removed all the plants that were arranged in the small piece of garden that we dedicated to the aromatic herbs: I usually planted sage, rosemary, thyme, basil, oregano and mint. The sage and rosemary got sick, so I was unable to sprout them again with the arrival of summer and I had to remove them too: all this happened towards the end of the lockdown, in one of the first days we spent outdoors to take care of our small green space.

We went to buy new seedlings, all harnessed in a mask, gloves, disinfectant: the only garden shop that can be reached because within the country's borders, however, in terms of quality, it is not that great ... and all the new plants are rather crooked and sad.
The sage died again and for me, who was already looking forward to crispy fried leaves, it was rather sad.

My aunt came to the rescue: she moved to a new apartment and gave me a huge pot of sage and one of rosemary ... perfect!

This plant has large, fleshy and fragrant leaves: if you rub the leaves in your hands, you can feel the strength of the essential oils released, the thickness, the consistency. I love to fry the sage leaves and offer them as an aperitif, to start a nice dinner with friends: they always amaze, they are not often offered and their flavor triggers approval looks.
My batter, tested for a long time and perfect even in glutenfree version, wraps the leaves while remaining clinging to them: it does not come off, it does not separate, it forms a delicious and crispy crust, not greasy and so thick. Then there is only a sprinkling of salt, perhaps flakes salt, and everything will make even more sense: a nice plate, a glass of iced white wine and good company.
In a bowl, mix flour, water and yeast.
Cover with plastic wrap and let it rest for an hour, until you see that bubbles have formed on the bottom.

At that point, heat the oil for frying and prepare a dish with paper towels.

Wash and dry the leaves very well, then holding them by the petiole dip them in the batter and put them in the hot oil.
Brown on both sides then remove from the oil using a slotted spoon and transfer to absorbent paper.

Serve hot sprinkled with salt.

(for the glutenfree version, always check that the individual ingredients are certified gluten-free if destined for a celiac or intolerant)