After the pandoli and the zaleti, the collection of Venetian biscuits continues.
If veal liver impresses you, I will not be able to convince you, I already know: this is not my intention.
But if you want to give it a chance, this is the right recipe.
On pumpkin risotto I'm annoying, I realize that. But it must be: I love it!
As soon as autumn arrives, the minestrone comes back from me. I'll tell you how I prepare it.
I must say that in this form of roll, the chicken immediately seemed more inviting, will it be because I accompanied it with sausage and bacon?
Autumn is coming and we won't be caught unprepared: a good tea and this apple cake will be perfect to face it.
The taste of figs, what an oddity. That fleshy and sweet pulp that looks like threads, to bite into. With bitter rocket and juicy mozzarella they fit perfectly.
If you have received my summer newsletter with the recipe book on summer vegetables, you know that to talk to you about the aubergine, Valentina and I have chosen, by chance, two recipes without doses.
Why should you try my tomato spaghetti recipe?