A surprisingly "umami" filling for these sweet peasant dumplings

A nice single dish, substantial and surprising. Even those who don't like cabbage, like me, will appreciate it.

Today, to celebrate my birthday, I made myself a tiramisù

After the pandoli and the zaleti, the collection of Venetian biscuits continues.
If veal liver impresses you, I will not be able to convince you, I already know: this is not my intention.
But if you want to give it a chance, this is the right recipe.
On pumpkin risotto I'm annoying, I realize that. But it must be: I love it!
As soon as autumn arrives, the minestrone comes back from me. I'll tell you how I prepare it.
I must say that in this form of roll, the chicken immediately seemed more inviting, will it be because I accompanied it with sausage and bacon?
Autumn is coming and we won't be caught unprepared: a good tea and this apple cake will be perfect to face it.