My cooking roots, into the Venetian tradition.


"Magna e bevi che la vita xe un lampo"


Zaleto, or zaeto, is for the golden yellow color: yellow is called zalo, always with the hissing Z, in Veneto.

Veal liver with polenta

If veal liver impresses you, I will not be able to convince you, I already know: this is not my intention.
But if you want to give it a chance, this is the right recipe.

Tagliatelle with fresh peas, prosciutto crudo and burrata cheese

Use the fresh peas ones, in this time of the year they're full of taste, so herby, soft: there is all winter for frozen foods.

Eggs in tomato sauce

Eggs with running yolks: my real passion.

My brownies

I have made these brownies numerous times, in all seasons: they are always delicious and mouth-watering, for every occasion.

Zucchini and shrimps fritters

Plus version zucchini fritters: they also have shrimp in the dough.

Yogurt Panna Cotta

Your perfect summer dessert: fresh and light


A deliciously crumbly biscuit, soft on the inside, crunchy on the outside and almond-scented.

Frittelle con la polenta (Polenta fritters)

A Venetian recovery recipe, with the most common poor ingredient

Polpette with cannellini sauce

Soft and succulent, no one will notice they are vegetarian.

Galette with chard and dried tomato

This savory galette is easily made with both the dough I give you the recipe, and with the puff pastry ready from the refrigerated counter

Savoy cabbage and mozzarella rolls

Today we return to the savory, with a bundle of puff pastry stuffed with stringy mozzarella and ... cabbage!

Lentil ragù and polenta

Today's proposal is a comforting warm and soft dish, which satisfies and amazes with its full flavor, texture and intensity.

Ricotta and zucchini blossoms fritters

For when you need certainty: ricotta and frying are the right answer.

Scallops au gratin

A gratin so crunchy that you will hardly go back.

Amarone risotto

Creamy, with a touch of acidity

Chicken cutlets

I don't make them often, but when I'm there it's a party.

Potato balls

Soft potato croquettes full of flavor: you are going to eat too many!

Tagliatelle with artichokes and sausage

An easy way to enjoy a slightly difficult but delicious vegetable.

Nonna Ada's meatloaf

This meatloaf is special: the recipe is from grandma Ada, Matteo's grandmother, who prepares it for every useful occasion she invites us to lunch.

Green vegetables risotto

A risotto that screams "Springggggg"!

Red and black rice salad with seared salmon, spring vegetables, lemon peel

A rice salad different from the usual, with lots of fresh vegetables and spring colors.

Daddy Dante's mashed potatoes

If I had to think of a dish that identifies my dad, that's mashed potatoes.

Rufioi from Costeggiola

A surprisingly "umami" filling for these sweet peasant dumplings

Savoy cabbage rolls

A nice single dish, substantial and surprising. Even those who don't like cabbage, like me, will appreciate it.

My tiramisù

Today, to celebrate my birthday, I made myself a tiramisù

Parpagnacchi biscuits

After the pandoli and the zaleti, the collection of Venetian biscuits continues.

My pumpkin risotto

On pumpkin risotto I'm annoying, I realize that. But it must be: I love it!

My minestrone (vegetables soup)

As soon as autumn arrives, the minestrone comes back from me. I'll tell you how I prepare it.

Chicken rolls

I must say that in this form of roll, the chicken immediately seemed more inviting, will it be because I accompanied it with sausage and bacon?

Giulia's apple cake, gluten and dairy free

Autumn is coming and we won't be caught unprepared: a good tea and this apple cake will be perfect to face it.

Figs and rocket salad

The taste of figs, what an oddity. That fleshy and sweet pulp that looks like threads, to bite into. With bitter rocket and juicy mozzarella they fit perfectly.

Baked eggplant pan

If you have received my summer newsletter with the recipe book on summer vegetables, you know that to talk to you about the aubergine, Valentina and I have chosen, by chance, two recipes without doses.

Spaghetti with tomato sauce

Why should you try my tomato spaghetti recipe?

Fried sage leaves

I love to fry the sage leaves and offer them as an aperitif, to start a nice dinner with friends: they always amaze!

Octopus and zucchini salad

I'll tell you my secret, which has nothing secret, to cook octopus and to grill zucchini in very thin slices.

Schissotto Bread

A simple bread, formerly without yeast, layered with lard, crunchy.

my Banana Bread

One thing always ripens too quickly: bananas.
But for this problem the solution is called Banana Bread.

the Risolatte (rice in milk)

The "old-fashioned" desserts, made of simple ingredients, such as rice and milk.Oh, how beautiful they are.

Buckwheath Penne with asparagus

A rustic pasta dish, the freshness of asparagus, spring on the table.

Upside down pineapple cake

So eighties, but so simply perfect.

Savory pie with artichokes and ricotta

A savory pie with artichokes and ricotta, flavored with freshly aromatic herbs.
New, seasonal flavors.

Mediterranean Chicken

Baked chicken, flavored, however, with the aromas between winter and spring.
A bit of olives, capers, leek and pungent lemon, for a comforting and delicious dish.

"Bussolà" cake

“Let’s make a Bussolà”

When my grandmother thought about baking a cake, she certainly thought of bussolà.

Stuffed Artichockes

Artichokes: the most hostile vegetable. But I defeated it and also stuffed it with a delicious meat filling.

Gratin cauliflower whit Asiago cheese

A very rich way to prepare a little loved vegetable such as cauliflower: with a delicious cheese crust, everything becomes more palatable.

Red wine stew

Soft and juicy pieces of meat, cooked in red wine and served with polenta: one of my absolute favorite dishes.

Crepes with ricotta and fiolaro broccoli

A great way to use fiolaro broccoli, a delicious vegetable from Vicenza.

Spaghetti with broccoli sauce

I think broccoli give its best paired with anchovies and olives: as in this plate of spaghetti, which I repeat more and more often and it has entered right into my kitchen repertoire.

Fried radicchio

Why not fry the radicchio?
How come I never thought of it before?

Fennel gratin

I want vegetable dishes right now: fennel are perfect, even much more with a soft and crunchy crust.

Boiled meat and its broth

The broth: the simplest but most comforting preparation that exists, the one that awaits you after a day of work, which when you sip it slowly warms even your frozen feet.

Santa Lucia's frollini

There are millions of local traditions worthy of being remembered: I leave you the recipe and maybe you will decide to make this your own.
risotto ai funghi porcini

Dried porcini mushrooms risotto

For example, I prefer risotto with dried porcini rather than with the fresh ones. And what about you?

Chiodini mushrooms Pork Scaloppine

Today there are Scaloppine on the menu, do you want to taste?

Potato and porcini gnocchi with pancetta and hazelnuts

Today I prepared the potato gnocchi perfuming them with wood scent, with the addition of dried porcini mushrooms in the dough.
To season them, crispy pancetta, sage, toasted hazelnuts and lots of Parmesan. What do you say about it?

luganega e fasoi

Luganeghe e fasoi (sausages and beans)

Put the case of sausages, which are cheap, are tasty and immediately feast: a complete and satisfying dish, warm for autumn evenings, frugal at the right point and not very elegant, certainly, but very good.

Pumpkin Bundt

Today I let the pumpkin and cinnamon meet to get a very high, almost imposing, moist and fragrant cake.

Macafame cake

Probably in the memories and habits of every single grandmother there is a dessert that allows the recycling of stale bread: from north to south maybe the additions change, it softens more or less, but everyone has in common the desire not to throw the bread, which it's a sin.

Cinnamon Onion Jam

Red onions that give way under the weight of sugar and thanks to the action of red wine and balsamic vinegar. Cinnamon, in my jam: it is a spice that has entered the Venetian cuisine and culture strongly, so much so that it has become an unpredictable ingredient in some dishes.

Aubergine Polpette

Time after time, dishes from other regions entered my kitchen becoming part of my cooking repertoire: Valentina's eggplant meatballs are one of them.

Apricots, frangipane and rosemary Crostata

Apricots, almonds and rosemary: an aromatic trio that will make you ask for another slice of this cake.

Grilled chicken marinated in beer

You will start cooking this chicken in august, but I bet you will not abandon the aroma of this marinade even in autumn: I loved it, I hope you too.

Eggplant cake

Right now I can't wait for lunch to warm up a slice of aubergine savory cake made yesterday: how I liked it.

The puddings cake

And at the first taste, at the first spoonful dug in disorder, it was not the taste of Zuppa Inglese that returned to my memory, but that of the puddings cake.

Grilled pork rolls

Pork rolls: a really pleasant and delicious discovery, with a bitter touch of mustard and the softness of ham and cheese that make you want the next bite.

Risi e bisi (Rice and Peas)

Risi e bisi is a slow risotto, slower than traditional risotto but thicker than a rice soup.

Crispy pork belly

The crispy rind, the very soft and juicy meat and the veins of fat that surround it: a pork belly so delicious, to bake at home without any problems.

Cheesecake with real strawberries

The cheesecake, with the strawberries in compote and also fresh: I hope you will like it and will become one of your flagships in the kitchen.

Potato and Ricotta cheese Gnocchi, with tomato sauce

Thursday gnocchi! Soft, inviting and so traditional: I put ricotta in the dough, have you ever tried it?

Pork rollè with asparagus

A perfect roast for dinners with friends or family: it seems difficult to prepare but instead it will become one of your flagships.

Spicy orange marmalade

A cuddle preserved in a jar, for your summer breakfasts: the spicy orange marmalade.

Crumbled Crostata with Spicy orange marmalade

To remind me of winter during the summer a spicy touch is needed: orange marmalade with spices and a delicious tart.

Leek soup

About the days when my grandma was preparing the "supa de poro" (leek soup) and the wake-up service was so acrid and violent.
bigoi con l'arna

Bigoli fresh pasta with duck

This recipe I leave you is the Flora’s recipe, the true and traditional made in Venetian families: I thank her for giving it to me and now I give it to you so you can try it.

Ricotta cheese frittelle

I leave you my quick and homemade recipe, for a not too sweet but soft result that you cannot resist. Taste a still warm and thoughtful frittella between Venetian masks, to savor even a small piece of Venetian history along with it.

Breaded fennels

My grandmother fennel are breaded and is still one of the ways I prefer to eat them.
pandòli di Schio

Biscotti Pandòli of Schio (VI)

The story of how I decided to handwrite my Christmas greetings and the recipe of the Pandoli di Schio to 25 people around the world.

Risi e Verza (Rice and Cabbage)

In this cold months, I advise you to buy cabbage on the market stalls: this vegetable is so beautiful and also photogenic and can be used in the kitchen in different ways… last, but not least, buying one of large size can feed your family with a few euros.

Nonna Angelina's stewed chicken

I learned to use black olives in the kitchen too late and I just realized that ... they taste like oil. My lack was big, but now my chicken stew has that touch of Nonna Angelina that was missing.

Pasticcio with Radicchio and Sausage

A rich first course, an expression of the Venetian winter at maximum power.

Christmas Rollè

In this time of the year in the pastry shops there were the "Christmas trunks", with the little houses and the sugar pines to decoration: remembering those decorations, my Christmas cake is simply called Rollè and is so stuffed but very simple.
pomi cotti

Pomi cotti (baked apples)

An ancestor of the dessert to the spoon, an ancestral form of creamy and satisfying cake ... when I was young in the winter there was always a bowl in kitchen, covered with foil, which went down to level a few teaspoons at each passage of mine.

"Rebirth of Dolomites" cake

The "Rebirth of Dolomites" is the name of this delicious cake, fragrant with hazelnuts and honey, rich and light. And good also in its heart.

Meatball with pomodoro sause

Unlike many people, autumn awakens me.
In the past summer months I saw the photos on the social medias...

Lemon, almond and pears cake

I decided it was time to cook some recipes from my favorite cookbooks.
And this cake is the best start I could take.

Spaghetti with tomato and octopus sauce

To me, pasta with fish is with red sauce. Even more if it's octopus pasta.

Roasted chicken and potatoes

I would like to buy food at the market, wander through and be able to choose the goods on display: I cannot. But I feel lucky to have an empty freezer, because I could choose fresh food and because I still found time to cook it.

Pumpkin gnocchi with butter, sage and pine nuts

It impresses me how much the pumpkin is appreciated and how eagerly people expect its return in season: when I proposed to my friends to create a menu based on this vegetable they were really happy.

Fried venetian cream

As a child I asked countless times to my mother and my grandmother to prepare the fried cream, but I haven't been satisfied even once.
Remembering the "no" received, I decided to prepare the fried cream on my own

My family's Eggplant Parmigiana

The eggplant parmigiana is definitely my favorite dish: I can hardly refuse a second portion, it would only mean that the first was shamefully abundant.

Stuffed vegetables

These vegetables are a mix of sea and land, delicate in flavor, strong in pleasing even the most difficult appetites.

Aunt Luigina's fusilli with tomato and eggplants

A few days ago, I received a phone call from my aunt Luigina for updating. As we are both talkative, as we told each other the latest news, she prepared a lunch and described what she would bring to the table.

Tagliatelle with carrot leaves' pesto

In Veneto, who has a very productive vegetable garden, in spring and summer spreads its products to relatives and friends, and is a habit, a normal rooted way.
The beauty of receiving gifts of fruit or vegetables has a truly primordial meaning, of sustenance and closeness, of care

Baby courgettes with stuffed flowers

For me, I would have a bouquet of courgettes flowers just above the kitchen table, like tulips or roses, because I find them unique.

This time, however, I stuffed and baked them in the oven, which at least also enjoys the taste as well as the view.

Pork roast with herbs

Yes, I have to confess that I have cooked for years dry and tough to chew meat. But now that I've found a way to keep roasts moist and soft, I think it's fair to share it with you.

Fusilli with zucchini and zucchini blossoms, ham and mint

When zucchini are in season I use plenty of them and when my dad had the garden even more. I like very much zucchini in a pasta, as part of a fresh sauce: today a recipe that smells of summer and is prepared with very little effort.

Il brodetto di Chioggia

A fish soup that comes from the Venetian maritime tradition: fragrances that remember a boat trip, with the smell of sea water in the nose.
Fresh pees and mints tagliatelle

Fresh peas, parmesan and mint tagliatelle

Spring comes at its best when you find sweet and tender peas on the greengrocer's stalls. And in Veneto, in addition to Risi and Bisi, even with tagliatelle they go great.
Almond, ricotta and lemon cake with rosemary syrup

Almond, ricotta and lemon cake with rosemary syrup

If you like wet cakes too, you have to try this. A scent of vanilla and lemon that meet the amazing aroma of rosemary: it will become your favorite.

Asparagus and herb frittata

For those dinners you need to prepare it quickly and with few ingredients, this frittata is perfect.

Strawberry and cream tart

When the season comes, I can't resist doing a strawberry binge despite the itching they give me. And well, first I eat them all and then I scratch myself. Today I want to share the recipe of my favorite tart and some secrets for a delicious match with cream.

Asparagus savoury pie

Here we are with a nice savoury, colored tart with a touch of dried tomatoes perfectly matching with the slightly herbal and liquid taste of the asparagus. Quick, it's still the perfect season!

Raisins Bread

A sweet bread, perfect for snacks even more delicious if cut in half and spreaded with jam, but also great with a simple good cup of tea.

Torta fregolotta

A cake you don't cut but smash. It is a perfect way to end your meal one piece at the time.

Tastasale Risotto

Rich and tasty, this rice fills your stomach and a spoon at the time makes you smile with your eyes shut.

Honey Mustard Brisket

A meat dish for who gets bored with the usual roasts.