Recipes / Pasta and rice

An easy way to enjoy a slightly difficult but delicious vegetable.

A risotto that screams "Springggggg"!
A rice salad different from the usual, with lots of fresh vegetables and spring colors.
On pumpkin risotto I'm annoying, I realize that. But it must be: I love it!
Why should you try my tomato spaghetti recipe?
A rustic pasta dish, the freshness of asparagus, spring on the table.

A great way to use fiolaro broccoli, a delicious vegetable from Vicenza.
I think broccoli give its best paired with anchovies and olives: as in this plate of spaghetti, which I repeat more and more often and it has entered right into my kitchen repertoire.
For example, I prefer risotto with dried porcini rather than with the fresh ones. And what about you?