Without gluten, with sincerity: Sincerity and food.

I've known Roberta for quite a while now, since her world was certainly not smelling of butter and flour.

His passion for cooking has its roots a long time ago, because, as for many of us passionate, it was his favorite place, the one in which his grandmother used to prepare sbatutin, the hand-beaten egg, in a glass, with a dash of coffee secretly added.
And when all your stories are born at the table, it is natural that sooner or later food is your destiny.

Roberta has always loved bread and baking, so much so that for her traveling meant entering the bakery and having memories of all the breads in the places where it was until 2008: and then, like a bomb, the diagnosis of celiac disease. No more bread, pizzas, panettone.
However, like many other celiacs, she has taken the diagnosis well, because with that begins the rebirth towards a life free from variegated health problems: from there she started again, revolutionizing the pantry and also its productions, studying so much the gluten free, vegan, raw bakery, choosing courses also with rather well-known names, like the last one he attended last month in Cast Alimenti teached by Gabriele Bozio.
The idea of ​​turning this passion into a job was in the drawer for a long time, it was a mental escape from what in everyday working life no longer satisfied her: so a year ago, at about 40 years, Sincerity & Food was born, a bakery where she produce bread, cakes and collateral products completely glutenfree.

Me, that for reasons of intolerance I nourish myself without gluten, I found in Roberta's bakery the quality and respect for the raw material that I could not find in a product of this kind: pizza is fragrant, bread smells like that with wheat, cocoa-flavored biscuits are a treat that makes you feel happy.
The offer of its products is transparent, like the glass that gives an eye from the small shop to the laboratory and allows you to see her at work, busy but with a smile on her lips.
Transparent, like that porthole on the packaging to show you that those crunchy taralli don't lack anything, and sincere, like her: the food she prepares for us is the same she also prepares for her family and her friends.
The raw materials he uses are at the top quality, there is research and there is above all great open mind: being celiac or gluten intolerant has psychological aspects that are often underestimated, especially when you are in a table with friends and it’s important to  make a person feel included, for example by letting him find"dedicated" breadsticks that do not taste chemistry and sugar, or crispy taralli, two pieces of walnut bread or blue corn bread as only Roberta can bake.

His production tries to be as sustainable as possible even if obviously this is not easy: he has eliminated all the plastic from the packaging, he is trying to offer the product without packaging whenever possible, he follows the logic of meal planning and periodic order.
It has only one flaw: she underestimates herselves a lot.

Gluten-free panettone  (and on request also lactose-free) made by order, maximum 10 pieces per day: pay attention, if you go there after my passage maybe you can’t find panettone anymore.
For everything else, there is the small shop and the online shop.