I parchi del Garda, combining nature and fun

I was very young, I was three years old the first time, but I remember clearly going to Gardaland every year with the school.

I went to a private kindergarten run by nuns. There was no choice where I lived, everybody used to go to this school. Once a year in springtime all the children and parents would meet in the church’s square waiting impatiently the big bug which would take us to a fun day full of attractions.

There was always someone vomiting on the way, of course: the thing that makes me smile is that the families they were so enthusiastic, all dressed up in these iconic tracksuits which marked our style from the 80s to the 90s, there were not so many jeans to be honest, but plenty of Superga or canvas shoes in general.

At the time the lunch was packed, it was cheaper and in this way we would not waste time in restaurants: the photos I have of my dad during these trips always include a shocking pink backpack on his shoulders, almost as if it was a punishment for having two daughters, it was huge because my mom used to carry fruit, drinks and sandwiches for twenty-two people.

The sandwich rolled up in the aluminium film was so 80s, wasn’t it?

The backpack then left hanging unattended at the foot of the attractions, even with wallets inside, and I swear that nothing never happened. I don't remember when it started being different, anyway now you definitely can't trust leaving your things unattended.

This magical event would repeat every year and if you had younger sisters or brothers like I did, you had the chance to living such experience even after kindergarten. In any case, whether it was arranged by the school or not, when summer began for us local children it always represented a prelude to these trips to the parks in the Garda Lake. At the time there was only Gardaland, then over the years it has been hugely extended and many other parks have been added to complete the area, giving us different experiences in a limited area.

I will sum up here some of these parks, the ones I like the most, "from the bottom to the top" of the Lake to be able to fit them in a week holiday or to live a different experience, at the zoo safari or on a large truck that shows the ride into a hydro power plant thanks to great cinematic effects.

If you need more information to arrange your trip, do not hesitate to contact me, I will be glad to help and give you some tips.

Parco Giardino Sigurtà

The Parco Giardino Sigurtà is an immense green area that will catch your eye and relax your mind. With the recurring blooming of roses and tulips, for example, the park lights up in a thousand of colors and it is beautiful to lay a blanket under the shade of a large tree with many friends to have a picnic and have fun or with just a few to relax. I took the pictures of water lilies you see here a few years ago.
There is the chance to visit it on foot, or on a golf-car, riding a bicycle or even on a panoramic train.

Parco Giardino Sigurtà
Via Cavour 1 - 37067 Valeggio sul Mincio (Verona) Italia
[foto dal sito sigurta.it]


To all of us, former children from the Veneto region, this park needs no introduction because it is a landmark in springs and summers. However, we have to say that this wonderful place is worth a much longer trip, even a few hours ride. The variety of attractions is so huge in order to please the little ones, the most adventurous and also the most quiet people. Many refreshment areas and services for who is traveling with children, large parking lots and a good organization. 
And for a dream night, Gardaland Hotel is a real treat.
Here below you can fin all the information to reach it, even by train with the practical shuttle bus.
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Movieland - The Hollywood Park

Movieland is a little gem for adventure and cinema lovers: a mix of "classic" adrenaline attractions mixed with fun experiences, such as Magma (a ride in the meanders of a hydroelectric power station on a truck driven by a real driver in flesh and bones), the show of Rambo (which never stops surprising thanks to its special effects) and much more that you can check on the website at this link.
The park is located at 5 km from Peschiera del Garda station and if you arrive by train a free shuttle is provided. 
[foto dal sito movieland.it]

Caneva World

Next to the Movieland park, there is, in my opinion, the most beautiful water park in the Garda area: it is called Caneva world and you can find all the information here. Services such as parking and shuttle services are shared with Movieland, so it's really easy to get there. I suggest you to get there as soon as they open if you want to get the best spot under a big beach umbrella, because it is packed in the hottest days of summer. The wave pool is amazing and the slides are so much fun. Then I have to say that food is not bad, there are a lot of kiosks where you can enjoy a sandwich, pizza but also fruit and snacks. 
[foto da canevapark.it/relax]

Parco Natura Viva

The Parco Natura Viva is a beautiful Zoological Park, a main centre for the protection of endangered species, which is committed to the conservation of biodiversity.
With a single ticket you can follow two different routes: The one with the fauna, a pedestrian path that allows you to cross five continents walking at your own pace (it will take around 3/4 hours) and the Safari which you will follow by car.
To arrange your visit you can find the information here.
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Jungle Adventures

Jungle Adventure is a park that combines fun and physical activities, it is unique in its kind and you can enjoy nature in total safety. 
Suitable for both adults and children, it is recommended to live the adventure in comfortable sportswear, then the staff there will take care of the safety equipment. It is also possible to arrange internships or trainings, I think this is would be a great idea!
To arrange your visit you can find the information and pictures here.
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